We have started working on our first play called "WHAT IF." God laid it on our hearts to write it. Picture yourself as  Christy, a typical, 17 yr. old female dealing with high school, the peer pressure that accompanies it, along with the girlfriend and boyfriend relationship. She is also dealing with everyday problems at home with mom and dad. In our first senario she has no support from her teacher, mom, dad, brother or friends.  She is being hurt by the 2 most important people in her life-her mom & dad..The thing that matters the most  is that she does not know who Jesus Christ is...She has never been to church or heard about how Jesus can change her life....She comes to a point in her life she has NO ONE to turn too.
The second senario will show you how different her life would have been with positive influences. It will show  love, encouragement, hope but most of all Jesus...
 The dramatization will cause you to realize what today's teens are facing.  They need a good steady home life, school teachers who not only care for their educational, needs but also their personal well-being. Most of all today teens need a good Christian atmosphere at home which can only come through knowing Jesus Christ. 
                                                                              God bless You
                                                                               Jim & Carolyn Barber